When moving pools from one route to another in Pool Brain, there are 2 types:

One-Time Moves and Permanent Moves

You can toggle between these two options by clicking the switch in the move window

Animation showing move window toggle switch

Permanent Moves

When you want to reschedule a pool from one route to another permanently, you would use a permanent move. The pool will be completely removed from its previous route and will continue to appear on the route you moved it to each week.

note: all moves to/from Not Routed section are permanent by default. If you want to permanently move a pool from one route directly to another route, you'll need to toggle the switch in the move window.

One Time Moves

When you need to move a pool from one route to another just to cover that one trip temporarily, you would use a One Time Move. (tech didn't finish route that day, called out sick, etc).

note: all drag and drop moves from one route to another are One Time Moves and move window will always default to One Time Move.

When you move a pool using this method, it will become grayed out/disabled on it's current route. This shows that it still belongs to that route, but has been temporarily moved for that particular week.

Hover over the word "MOVED" to see info on which route and day it was moved to

Animation of One Time Move

The same pool shows up as green colored on the route it was temporarily moved to

Animation showing one time move results

You can also:

  • Drag and drop map markers to routes or Not Routed section

  • Drag and drop pools directly from route to route

  • Drag and drop pools from Not Routed section to a route or vice versa

  • Drag and drop pools within a route to rearrange the order manually

  • Drag and drop route to a different order in the list (just for aesthetic purposes)

  • Click a map marker and then click move

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