It's a big one folks! You can now automatically create, charge and email monthly invoices for all your service routes right in Pool Brain. Cheaper credit card processing fees than Quickbooks Online right out of the gate. (MUCH cheaper for large volume accounts)

  • Automatically generate invoices for all your customers on the 1st of every month

  • Automatically charge customers with any payment method you want to store on file (bank account or credit card).

auto charge switch
  • Automatically email a paid invoice receipt or unpaid invoice with payment request.

auto email invoice switch
  • Automatically attempt to charge credit card or bank acct once per day for up to 14 days if payment declines.

auto reattempt charge options
  • Automatically calculate chemical amounts used and charge for exact usage. (optional via one click switch) No more manual tracking, calculating or invoice altering required 😃

auto charge for chemicals switch

  • Automatically apply existing payments or account credits to the next created invoice (optional)

apply payment to next invoice example

  • Charge in arrears (for the month prior) or in advance (for the month ahead)

charge in advance or in arrears options
  • Charge by monthly flat rate or per visit for actual number of visits made

charge flat rate or per visit options
  • Prices and settings you configure will automatically be applied by default when a service level and type are assigned to a body of water. Example: If a service level called "Complete Care" has a type option called "Play Pool" for flat rate billing at $130.00 per month, all I have to do is select the service level and type from the drop down menus and Pool Brain does the rest

billing automatically changed by service level animation

  • Tired of setting up a recurring job schedule, a recurring invoice schedule, a separate route, products and services, prices, startup special discounts, etc every time you need to activate or cancel a client's route? We were too!

    That's why designed Pool Brain to activate or deactivate the route, billing and workflow in a SINGLE CLICK

mind blown animation

(and yes, that includes multiple bodies of water and charging extra for chems)

  • Easily change prices, discounts or settings for individual clients so any unique situation can still be handled

Customer Billing Tab

  • A new tab for billing settings and info has been added for all customers

new billing tab image
  • Save one or more payment methods (credit card or ACH) for a customer that you can use to auto charge or charge on demand at a later date. You can name them things like "Weekly Service Only" or "Use for upcoming remodel" so you know what to charge and when.

  • Control invoice due terms

  • See billing address and billing contact info at a glance

  • You can now assign billing addresses and contacts the same way you can already assign primary addresses and contacts

Assign billing contacts and addresses animation

Invoices and Payments

  • New tabbed sections called "Invoices" and "Payments have been added for every property

invoices section image
  • Filter invoice or payment statuses with a click

Filter invoice statuses animation

  • Clients can pay invoices directly with credit card or ACH by using the PAY NOW button

pay now button on invoices
  • Email, export to PDF or print invoice with one click (pdf and print format addresses line up in standard #9 business envelope windows when folded)

  • See if and when an invoice has been sent and if and when customer has viewed it

Send and view invoice animation

New Profit Breakdown Report (no more guessing)

profit breakdown report
  • See who your most and least profitable customers are at a glance based on actual price you charged, actual chemical cost spent and actual technician pay for any date range. Automatically.

  • Set custom profit percentage you consider "low" to customize the report to your goals

  • Export to excel format with a single click

  • Filter results by date range and category

Other Improvements

  • User permission called "Can delete jobs" has been added

user permission can delete jobs
  • Any user with this permission can now delete jobs and all associated job data by clicking an icon at the top of a job page (used in the rare instance a technician completes a job under the wrong property)

job delete icon
  • Any user with "Can edit data on jobs" permission can now change the recorded start and finish times of any job (used in the rare instance a technician forgets to close out his last job of the day until the following morning)

edit start time animation

  • You can now delete equipment pictures individually by hovering over them and clicking the red X in the top right corner

delete equipment picture animation

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