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Start here๐Ÿ‘‰ Service levels control workflows on route stops & other settings. Require actions according to each type of service you offer.

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Service levels allow you to create route stop requirement settings that are automatically activated when that service level is assigned to a body of water for any property. You can always customize the specific settings for each body of water as needed but service levels are the starting point.

The settings you can change by service level include any custom checklist item settings, what chemical readings are required and under what circumstances and system item settings like Backwash, Filter Clean and Salt Cell Clean.
โ€‹Common examples of service levels are "Complete Care", "Chemicals Only" "Full Service" "VIP Service", etc.

โ€‹"Service Levels" control workflow items and requirements
โ€‹"Types" control route technician pay and/or default billing prices
The goal should always be to create as few service levels and types as possible to accomplish what you need. Most companies need between 2 and 3 service levels and they are usually Complete Care, Chemicals Only and Hot Tub Service. However, this varies widely from company to company and we are always happy to discuss and give advice on how to set this up at no cost. Proper setup is key and allows for everything else to be easy and automated ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Create a Service Level

  • Go to settings section by clicking drop down arrow in top right corner of screen

pool company software - Go to Settings animation
  • Scroll down until you see "Service Levels" section which will have two service levels already created by default (Complete Care and Chemicals Only)

  • Click the + icon where indicated below to add a new service level if desired

    Pool Company Software - Create a new service level - Pool Brain

  • Enter the service level details in the window that appears. The "Name" field is required and all others are optional.

    Pool Company Software - Create a new service level fields - Pool Brain

  • Name is required and would be something like "Hot Tub Service" or "VIP Service"
    โ€‹(technicians will see service level name in app, customers will see it on invoices and Pool Brain office users will see it in a drop down list for each property)

  • Description is optional. It will appear as the description for the service line item on monthly invoices and is not seen anywhere else.

  • QBO Income Account is optional and controls which income account QBO assigns the line item to when this service level appears on monthly invoices
    โ€‹(this only applies if you have a Quickbooks Online Account connected and the "sync invoices, payments and refunds" toggle activated)

  • Estimated time per visit is optional. Enter the amount of minutes you think this service level will take on average for most bodies of water. This number will be used to calculate the total estimated work time for routes on the Scheduling page.

  • Charge Tax checkbox is optional and is unchecked by default. If you check this box, tax will be charged for the service line item on monthly invoices.

  • Click SAVE when done to create the service level. You'll now see a new tab with the service level name and clicking this tab will allow you to change the workflow settings.

Pool Company Software - service levels - hot tub service - Pool Brain

Edit or Delete a Service Level

  • To edit a service level, click the edit pencil icon in any service level tab

    (icon appears after you select the tab)

    Pool Company Software - edit or delete a service level - Pool Brain

  • To delete a service level, click the delete button after you click the edit pencil icon

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