Create & Edit Service Level "Types"

Types control tech pay and default prices. How to create and edit "Types" belonging to service levels.

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After you create your service levels, it's time to create any "Types" you need for each service level.

Service level types have two main purposes:

1. How much to charge a customer each month for maintenance work (route stops)
You can set default prices to charge a customer each month when certain types are assigned to a body of water they own. This makes it easy to setup service packages and have the workflow and billing set properly with a couple clicks and no chance of mistakes. If you prefer to charge custom prices on the fly, you can leave this default amount at zero and manually enter the price for each body of water when you activate each route schedule. This is done in the Billing Defaults section near the bottom of Settings.

2. How much to pay a technician for each route stop completed

You can set an amount to pay a technician when they complete a route stop where this service level & type combo is assigned.

How to setup per visit (route stop) technician pay

How to create and edit Types

  • Navigate to Settings --> Service Levels Section and click on the service level tab you want to create or edit types for. Individual types belong to individual service levels.

  • Create a new Type by clicking "Add Type +" in the upper right corner

  • If you don't like the default types that already exist, you can edit the names by clicking into the field and editing the name to anything you like. You can also deactivate the type by clicking the toggle switch to the right of the field.

  • The goal should be to create as few service levels and type combinations that achieve the results you're looking for. Service Levels control what workflow appears on a body of water by default (route stops only) where the service level is assigned. Types control technician "per visit" pay amounts on bodies of water (route stops only) where the Type is assigned. They also control default billing prices charged to the customer for a specific body of water where the Type is assigned.

    Common Service Levels would be "Full Service" and "Chemical Only". Common types belonging to each service level would be "small pool", "medium pool", "large pool", "pool/spa combo", "fountain", etc. You would only create a type if the amount you pay or charge for that type is different from something else you already have for that service level. You would only create another service level if the workflow needs to be different from what you already have.

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