The first time you connect your Quickbooks Online account in Pool Brain, your customer's names, contact information and addresses in QBO will be automatically imported (created in Pool Brain).

QBO = Quickbooks Online PB = Pool Brain

How customer names and contact info will import

  • Customers in QBO will import into PB

  • The display name in QBO becomes the customer name in PB

  • First name and last name in QBO become first name and last name for the billing contact in PB (this is usually the same as display name but not always)

  • Phone number and email in QBO become phone number and email for billing contact in PB

How addresses will import

  • If customer has only one address in QBO (either shipping or billing), it will import and be marked as BILLING and PRIMARY address in PB.
    You can always change which addresses are marked as what in PB

  • If a customer has identical billing and shipping addresses in QBO, it will import as one address and marked as BILLING and PRIMARY in PB

  • If a customer has different billing and shipping addresses in QBO, they will both import into PB and the billing address in QBO will be marked as BILLING and PRIMARY in PB

How Invoices and Payments will import

PLEASE NOTE: Invoices, payments and refunds will NOT sync with Pool Brain right away. You will need to go to settings and activate the appropriate toggle as you can see here:

Quickbooks Online section in settings showing toggles to activate billing and products/services syncing

The drop down field selection is the account in QBO you want to automatically associate any payments/refunds with (Only you or your CPA can determine the "correct" option to choose and QBO requires this association)

All existing invoices, payments and refunds will immediately sync from PB into QBO. Existing invoices, payments and refunds in QBO will NOT import into Pool Brain. However, all future invoices, payments and refunds created/edited in QBO will sync into Pool Brain and anything edited or changed in either program will always automatically sync to the other as long as this toggle is active.

How Products and Services will import

PLEASE NOTE: Products and services will NOT sync with Pool Brain until you activate the appropriate toggle in settings (see image above)

All existing products and services will immediately sync from QBO into PB. The system will first check for duplicate names and if a duplicate is found, it will link the items in both systems instead of creating a duplicate item. Once the QBO to PB import is done, any products and services that exist in PB but not in QBO will be synced into QBO. As long as this toggle is active, products and services in both platforms will sync to the other platform when created or edited.

The following will NOT import into Pool Brain

  • Duplicate customers
    (a customer with an identical display name/customer name and identical billing address in both programs)

  • Customers without at least one address

  • Customers without a first name

  • Customers marked as "sub-customers"

  • Inactive / archived customers

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