Pool Brain supports a 2 way automatic sync with Quickbooks Online so that when you change information in either program, it will automatically update in the other. For example, if you change the name of a customer or edit an invoice amount in Quickbooks Online, it will automatically change the customer name and/or invoice amount in Pool Brain and vice versa. This way you can choose which platform you want to work from without having to worry about data inconsistency, manual review or needing to input the info twice. (although we always recommend you work from Pool Brain primarily)

Below is a detailed breakdown on which fields in Quickbooks online (QBO) are mapped to which fields in Pool Brain (PB).

Mapped = fields that update when the other is updated in either program

Customer Information Fields

Customer name in PB = display name in QBO

Billing contact first name in PB = first name in QBO

Billing contact last name in PB = last name in QBO

Billing contact email in PB = email in QBO

Billing contact phone number in PB = phone number in QBO

Billing address in PB = billing address in QBO

(shipping address in QBO is synced to PB on initial import as an additional address but will not update with any 2 way sync changes after that)

Additional addresses and contacts in PB are not synced as QBO only has space for a single billing and shipping address and one set of contact info.

"Sub customers" in QBO are not synced to PB

Customers that are deleted in QBO are NOT automatically deleted in PB & vice versa

Invoice Related Syncing

Invoice created in PB = same in QBO

Invoice product or service added/removed in PB = same in QBO

Invoice product or service description in PB = same in QBO

Invoice due date in PB = same in QBO

Invoice billing address in PB = same in QBO

Invoice service address in PB = invoice shipping address in QBO

Invoice notes field in PB = message on invoice field in QBO

Discount % option in PB = discount percent option in QBO

Discount $ option in PB = discount value option in QBO

Payment Related Syncing

Payment created in PB = same in QBO

(Payment method selected such as cash, check, ACH, etc will also reflect in both places. If payment method is left blank in QBO when creating a payment, it will be categorized as "other" in PB)

Account Credit created in PB = payment created in QBO with adjustment/credit as the payment method

Payment/credit applied or unapplied to an invoice in PB = same in QBO

Editing payment/credit amount in PB = same in QBO

Payment/credit notes field in PB = payment memo field in QBO

Payment/credit voided or deleted in PB = same in QBO

Refunding a payment in PB = refund receipt created in QBO

(if a payment is created originally in QBO, it will need to be refunded in QBO which will be indicated on the payment that was synced in PB)

Sales Taxes Setup and Syncing

Sales tax on an invoice can be automatically synced from PB to QBO and vice versa, but it requires a specific setup. QBO has very specific limitations on what we can manage for taxes.

To use and sync taxes:

  1. In Pool Brain, go to settings as an admin user and scroll down to Billing Defaults section. At the bottom, you'll see an area called "Tax Rates".

  2. Click "Add" to create a new tax rate

  3. Enter a tax name and a percentage amount
    IMPORTANT: The sales tax NAME and PERCENTAGE amount must be identical in both programs or it will not work and may cause billing discrepancies

  4. Choose whether you want a default tax type to be added to all newly created invoices or leave default as "None"

  5. Setup tax rate(s) in Quickbooks Online with names and percentage amounts that exactly match whatever you added in Pool Brain

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