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Quickbooks Online - Tax Rate Syncing
Quickbooks Online - Tax Rate Syncing

How to setup custom tax rates in both programs so they sync properly

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To sync tax rates between Pool Brain and Quickbooks Online, you must create identical custom tax rates in BOTH programs.

If this is done properly, the tax rates will always be the same on invoices in both programs.

If this isn't done properly, Quickbooks will change the tax rate automatically based on service address location. This can cause discrepancies so it's important to set up your tax rates in both programs with the same exact name and percentage value.

How to Create a Tax Rate in Pool Brain

Step 1: Go to Settings

Open the "Settings" section by logging into Pool Brain as an ADMIN user and clicking the drop down arrow in the top right corner. Choose "Settings" from the menu that appears.

Step 2: Scroll down to "Billing Defaults" section and find the "Tax Rates" area near the bottom

Pool Company Software - Tax Rates in Pool Brain

Step 3: Click "Add" Button

Click "Add" next to Tax Rates at the top of the section as shown below

Step 4: Enter Tax Name and Tax Rate Percentage

Fill in the Tax Name and Tax Rate Percentage and click out of the fields to auto save. Make sure they are exactly the same as the custom tax name and percentage you will enter or have already entered in QBO.

Pool Company Software - Tax names and tax rate percentage - Pool Brain

How to Create a Custom Tax Rate in Quickbooks Online

Step 1: Go to the Sales Tax section

Open up the “Taxes” page from the left-side menu and select "Sales Tax" section.

pool company quickbooks account showing Taxes option selected with sales tax submenu indicated by red arrow

Step 2: Click "Sales Tax Settings" Button

Click the button as shown below

Pool Company Software - Custom Tax Rates - Add Rate - Pool Brain

Step 3: In the Custom Rates section, click "Add Rate" Button

Step 4: Enter Details and Save

Fill in the information shown below. Make sure "single" is selected. Make sure the Name and Percentage amount is exactly the same as the name and percentage amount for the tax rate you created in Pool Bain settings. Select any appropriate tax agency. Then click the “Save” button when finished.

Pool Company tax rate fields filled in with example information

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