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Accept Credit Cards and ACH Payments
Accept Credit Cards and ACH Payments

Auto-charge or manual charge, save payment methods for future use & customers can pay invoices in one click

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You can process credit card and ACH transactions (bank payments) directly in Pool Brain with no other software required. Auto-charge or manually charge customers, save payment methods for future use and customers can pay invoices with a click.

Pool Brain partners with Paya in order to make payments seamless. Once you've connected your Paya account in settings, everything just works with no extra steps, double entry or outside software needed. The starting volume tier is cheaper than Quickbooks Online rates and Paya will meet or beat your current rate for higher volume tiers.

STEP 1 - Get a Paya Account

CLICK HERE to apply with Paya (usual response time is within 24 hours)

STEP 2 - Enter Paya Credentials In Settings

Once you receive your final approval email from Paya with the subject line "New merchant information for (your company name here)", go to SETTINGS and scroll to the section shown below:

pool company software - accept credit cards - settings - pool brain

Copy the following information from the email into the corresponding fields and click "SAVE" button.

  • User Id

  • User Api Key

  • User Hash Key

You can now process credit cards and ACH payments directly in Pool Brain 💰

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