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Setting Up Auto Pay
Setting Up Auto Pay

how to automatically charge your customers every month

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You can easily set a route schedule to auto charge a payment after it auto creates the invoice for maintenance work each month.

How to activate auto pay

  • Create a saved payment method following the steps in this article

  • Open the route schedule by clicking on the green "Route" icon at the top of any Customer or Property page

    Pool Company Software - Activate Auto-Pay - Pool Brain

  • Activate "Auto Charge" toggle switch in bottom left corner by clicking on it

    Pool Company Software - Auto-charge toggle switch - Pool Brain

  • Select the saved payment method you want to auto charge each month from the drop down menu that appears below the "Auto Charge" toggle switch after you activate it.

    If you don't select as payment method before closing the route schedule window, the system will turn off Auto-Charge toggle.

    Pool Company Software - Auto-Charge, Select Payment Method - Pool Brain

    Once this has been done, Pool Brain will automatically charge the payment method you selected after it auto-creates the invoice each month. If the "Auto Email Invoice" toggle is also active, Pool Brain will email the customer a paid invoice receipt if the transaction was successful or send an invoice with a request for payment if it wasn't. You can also set the system to automatically retry any declined payment once per day for up to 14 days.

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