In settings section where you have created service levels and configured your workflow, scroll down further to see the Chemical Settings area. Chemical reading controls are at the bottom. These will control whether or not the technician is required to enter specific readings in the app and how often.

Chemical reading settings section

  • Click on a service level tab to show the current chemical reading requirements for that service level. note: "Default" is NOT a service level. It allows for settings in the absence of a service level and should not be used to configure settings for paying clients

click service level tab

  • You can make any reading always required or always optional with a click

chem reading requirement animation

  • Enter a number of visits if you want to require readings be logged based on a schedule. For example, if you wanted to test CYA only once per month, you would enter "4" in the visits field

chemical reading schedule settings

  • Salt readings can be automatically required when a working salt system exists for that property and optional if not

salt system drop down options

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