To get started configuring your service level workflows, go to Settings and scroll down to where you created your service levels.

  • Click on a service level tab to see the workflow settings for that service level. What you create here will fill in automatically when the service level is assigned to a property. However, you can easily change, remove or add anything for the property as needed. Note: "Default" is NOT a service level. It represents settings if no service level is assigned and it should not be used to configure settings for your paying clients

click service level tab

  • The technician app workflow is shown in order from top to bottom. When technician starts a job in the app, they will be required to complete the items in the order shown here according to the settings selected.

  • There are 3 different sections you can create custom checklist items in: When Arriving, Job In Progress and When Leaving.

checklist sections

  • Other workflow actions are shown in between these sections: Before Pictures, Chemical Readings, Chemical Dosing, PSI Gauge Reading, After Pictures. You should avoid making redundant checklist items that are already represented. For example, "Balance chemicals" or "Prime pump" aren't needed because the technician will already be instructed to balance chems in the "chemical dosing" portion of app and they will be instructed to fully prime pump and take a PSI reading in the "PSI Gauge Reading" part of the app.

workflow screen settings

  • You can make before or after pictures optional if you'd like

before and after pics optional animation

  • You can choose to make PSI Gauge picture and/or PSI reading optional if you'd like ...but we recommend you don't 😉 Consistent and accurate PSI readings allow us to alert you to many issues you can't otherwise see

PSI setting changes animation

There are 2 types of checklist items:

System Items = Backwash, Cleaned Filter and Cleaned Salt Cell. These items will always exist but will be automatically displayed or hidden based on the equipment at a property. For example, Backwash will not display if cartridge filter is selected because a cartridge filter can't be backwashed

Custom Items = Anything else you want to have the technician do. For example, "Skimmer Basket", "Pump Basket", "Vacuum", etc

  • Create any custom checklist item and drag and drop it to any section or position you'd like

Checklist drag and drop animation

  • Choose whether to require completion and/or require a picture when completed As shown below, Skimmer Basket would be required and a picture would also be required on every visit. Vacuum would always be optional for every visit but if completed, a picture would be required.

checklist options animation

  • Checklist items will appear every visit by default, but you can set them to appear on a schedule if you prefer. For example, you may want to have the technician spray down the deck but only once every 4 visits. As shown below, spray down deck would be required and a picture would be required but it would only be shown to technician as an option once every 4 visits. The tech would not see it or be required to complete it during the other visits.

checklist frequency schedule animation

  • System checklist items (Backwash, Cleaned Filter, Cleaned Salt Cell) can be highly customized. Click on any system item to open the settings window for it.

Open backwash settings animation

  • Choose whether to require pictures of the backwash and also pictures of valve in closed position once backwash is completed (to prove your tech didn't break the handle or flood the yard accidentally)

backwash picture settings

  • You can add instructions to the start or end of the backwash process. This is most useful on a case by case basis for each property but default settings can be added here

Backwash instructions settings

  • Set a custom schedule for when completion is required. Due date will show in the app and the item will become required on or after that date automatically

backwash frequency schedule

You can configure all system and custom checklist items however you'd like for any service level you'd like. They will automatically apply by default to any property that has that service level assigned. You can also change any of these settings/items for a specific property from the location page for that property. Any property settings changes you make will be remembered and default settings will not overwrite your changes.

Take control, have fun and rest easy knowing all the work will be done and you'll receive immediate alerts if it isn't 😎

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