Checklist Items and Workflow Settings

Control what happens (and when) on each route stop by creating simple or complex workflows you can assign to a body of water with one click

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To configure your service level workflows, go to Settings and scroll down to the Service Levels section. You can create your own service levels or leave the defaults in place.

How to setup service level workflow settings

  • Click on a tab to see the workflow settings for that service level

    The settings here will auto-apply to any body of water when the service level is assigned to it. You can then easily customize settings for that body of water as needed.

    Pool Company Software - Service Level Workflow Settings - Pool Brain

  • There are 3 different sections you can create custom checklist items in: When Arriving, Job In Progress and When Leaving.

    Technicians must complete all required items (or explain to office why they can't) in each section before moving on to the next part of the workflow. Items in each section can be completed in any order but they will always appear in the order you set.

    The image below shows the entire workflow order from start to finish (actions will always be required or not based on your settings).

Pool Company Software - Workflow order from start to finish - Pool Brain

Please note that chemical dosing will also be a part of the "job in progress work flow"

  • There are 2 types of checklist items:

    System Items = Backwash, Cleaned Filter and Cleaned Salt Cell. These items always exist but will automatically be displayed or hidden based on the equipment selected for a body of water. For example, "Backwash" will not display if cartridge filter is selected because a cartridge filter can't be backwashed.

    Clicking these items will allow you to access further settings.

    Custom Items = Anything else you want to have the technician do. For example, "Skimmer Basket", "Pump Basket", "Vacuumed", etc.

    You can set each item to be required/optional, photo required/optional and set how often the item should appear in the app or be auto-deleted from the workflow.

  • Create any custom checklist item by clicking "Add +" and drag and drop it to any section or position you'd like

    Note that only checklist items that apply to ALL bodies of water should exist here since they are the defaults and just a starting point. Checklist items that only apply to SOME bodies of water (like emptying cleaner bags) should be added directly to the workflow for that individual body of water where the item is applicable and not to the service level itself.

Pool Company Software - Custom Checklist items - Pool Brain

  • Make a checklist item required or optional (click the exclamation point icon)

    If optional, technician will see the item but not have to mark it as done before moving to next workflow section. If required, technician will have to tap the item to mark it as done before moving on.

Pool Company Software - Checklist items, required or optional - Pool Brain

  • Make a photo required or optional for any checklist item (click the camera icon)

    If photo is required, technician will be forced to take at least 1 picture when they mark the checklist item as done. Typically this is a picture proving the item was done like an empty skimmer basket or closed and locked gate, etc.

    Pool Company Software - Checklist items, photo required or optional - Pool Brain

  • Checklist items will appear in the app every visit by default, but you can set them to appear on a custom schedule frequency if you prefer

    For example, you may want to have the pool service technician spray down the deck but only once every 4 visits. As shown below, "spray down deck" would be required and a picture would be required when shown, but it would only be shown once every 4 visits. The tech would not see it or be required to complete it during the other visits where it isn't shown

pool company software - checklist frequency schedule - Pool Brain

  • System checklist items (Backwash, Cleaned Filter, Cleaned Salt Cell) can be highly customized. Click on any system item to open the settings window for it where you can edit start/end instructions, how often the item is required and which pictures are required. We will use "Backwash" system item as an example in the below points but the "Cleaned Filter" and "Cleaned Salt Cell" items have very similar settings options.

pool company software - backwash settings customized - Pool Brain

  • When a technician taps on "Backwash" item in the app during a job or route stop, they will be presented with a mini-workflow from left to right...

    Start Instructions --> Backwash Pictures --> Valve Closed Pictures --> End Instructions

    Choose whether to require pictures of the backwash and also pictures of valve in closed position once backwash is completed (to prove the pool service tech didn't break the handle or flood the yard accidentally by leaving it in the wrong position)

pool company software - backwash picture settings - Pool Brain

  • You can add optional instructions to the start or end of the backwash process

    This is most useful on a case by case basis for each body of water so most add those settings there and not here. However, default settings can be added here for the service level if you like. Start Instructions example would be telling the tech where to backwash to and End Instructions example would be telling them where to store the backwash hose.

pool company software - Backwash instructions, optional instructions - Pool Brain

  • Set a custom schedule for when completion is required on Route Stops (not one time jobs). The last date a backwash was performed will show in app along with how many visits are remaining until it's due again. When it's due, the technician will be required to complete it on that route stop.

pool company software - backwash frequency, custom schedule - Pool Brain
  • For the "Cleaned Filter" and "Cleaned Salt Cell" system items... it's important to remember that this requirement setting will force the route stop technician to perform the action when it's due. This is great for some companies but isn't the correct method for companies who want separate repair technicians to perform these actions and charge extra for the services. Pool Brain can accommodate this easily and automatically but there is a different way to set this up which this help article clearly explains.

Common mistakes to avoid

  • Do not create redundant checklist items

    For example, "Balance chemicals", "Prime Pump" and "Chemical Readings" are all redundant items you should not add. Technicians will already be instructed to balance chems and enter readings in the app for all Route Stops. They will also be instructed to fully prime pump and take a PSI reading in the "PSI Gauge Reading" part of the workflow.

  • Do not create checklist items here that don't apply to ALL bodies of water for that service level

    For example, you might be tempted to put a checklist item named "Empty cleaner bag" or "Leave system in time out/auto mode" but not all bodies of water have cleaners with bags to empty or systems with time out/auto mode so this would be a mistake. Instead, you would add that checklist item directly to the body of water it applies to so the technician always knows to perform the correct actions at the correct locations and times.

Once you have completed the checklist item workflow setup, you can set which chemical readings are required and how often

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