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Filter Clean & Salt Cell Clean auto-scheduling options
Filter Clean & Salt Cell Clean auto-scheduling options

Make the route tech do it on a set frequency or have Pool Brain auto-create separate jobs for any tech to complete on a set schedule

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Depending on your policies and region, you may handle filter cleaning and salt cell cleaning very differently. Both filter cleans and salt cell cleans use the exact same settings options in Pool Brain so for this tutorial, we'll discuss filter cleans and you can apply the same logic to salt cell cleaning schedules.


There are 3 possible ways to handle your filter cleans:

  1. Require the route stop technician (the one that cleans/balances the pool each week) to clean the filter on a set frequency that happens automatically during the route stop visits they are regularly scheduled for.
    โ€‹Companies based out of Florida typically use this option.

  2. Set Pool Brain to automatically create separate filter clean jobs on a schedule that you can charge extra for, set different workflows for and assign to any technician you want any time you want (could be the route tech or more commonly, a repair tech). You can have jobs created automatically on specific dates like every October 1st and Every February 1st or you can have them created automatically every X weeks from the last time the filter clean was done.

  3. Any hybrid version of option 1 and 2 (this is rare)

The questions you should ask yourself are:

1. Do you charge extra for filter cleans? If yes, you may want to auto-create separate jobs on a schedule. (option 2)
2. Does a different technician complete the filter clean job than the one that cleans the pool each week? If yes, you definitely want to auto-create separate jobs on a schedule. (option 2)

This 6 minute tutorial video walks you through setting up the different options

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