July 13, 2020 - Update Released

Routing, Service Levels, Add/Edit customer info directly in PoolBrain, QBO Sync is now 2-way, Status Indicators, App improvements & more

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This is a HUGE update that implements our two most requested features by far. Routing capabilities and manual customer entry/management right inside Pool Brain.

These features allow companies to use Pool Brain as a one-app solution to manage their weekly cleaning department... and we're just getting warmed up. Plenty more goodies in this update and plenty more in the works!


  • You can now create, optimize and control your pool service routes using the new "Routing" section in Pool Brain

pool company software - Routing map with markers

  • Job status indicators show in route list and on embedded Google map so you can track technician's progress in real time with context (Not Started, In Progress, Completed and No Access)

pool company software - map marker job status indicators

  • Set schedules for weekly, every other week, any combination of more than once a week (like Mon/Wed/Fri) or you can restrict the schedule to a specific day or days to make sure those promises are kept to clients

pool company software - Route Schedule options window

  • Never forget to route a job location again - "Not Routed" section in the top left corner always shows any pools that still need attention

pool company software - Not Routed Section

  • Click "show nearest" on any map marker to see the closest pools instantly

pool company software - Show Nearest Map Marker Link

  • Swap technicians between routes in 2 clicks

pool company software - Switch technician to new route

  • With one click, you can choose to lock the route which prevents the pool service technician from optimizing or rearranging the order in app

pool company software - Lock Routes with one click

  • With one click, you can skip any service week for any pool without affecting the rest of the schedule

pool company software - skip route location with a click

  • See estimated route time and payroll cost based on service level

pool company software - Routed selected showing time and payroll

  • Add custom start locations to any route (if you want the route optimized from the technician's home or your office for example)

  • Drag and drop pretty much everything pretty much everywhere or do it the old fashioned way

  • When a pool service technician calls in sick or emergencies happen, you can easily move pools to other routes. PoolBrain will still keep the original route schedule and everything is tracked accurately

ADD & EDIT CUSTOMER INFO (sync no longer required)

  • Add customers manually using the "Add" button in the customers section

  • Add or edit additional property addresses from any customer page

pool company software - add/edit customer info

  • Add or edit additional contacts from any customer page

pool company software - contacts tab

  • Set locations and contacts as "Primary" with a single click

pool company software - primary contact
  • Gate codes and other property access information are easy to add and view at a glance. They show up in technician app in the right place at the right time

pool company software - Access info showing data on mouse hover


  • QuickBooks Online syncing now syncs both ways automatically (From QBO to PoolBrain AND from PoolBrain to QBO) If you add/delete/edit in one program, it automatically updates the other program

  • Fields that are synced are:

    • Customer Name/Display Name

    • Phone Number for primary contact

    • Email for primary contact

    • Primary Address

    • Customer add/delete

  • Choosing to sync with QuickBooks Online is now completely optional


  • Create custom service levels in Settings section

pool company software - service levels

  • Choose the amount of time pool service technicians will spend on average at each stop and how much they will get paid on average per stop (optional)

pool company software - service level - avg time spent on job

  • Create specific checklist items for each service level - when you change the service level for any client, the checklist items automatically change as well

pool company software - service levels - Change checklist items from drop down


  • Routed jobs now appear on home screen along with customer info, service level, gate code, whether customer has dogs and other access info (you still have the option to manually search to start a job or let GPS pull up property info automatically)

pool service app - App home screen showing routed jobs

  • One tap on customer address opens navigation directions in your preferred mapping app (Google/Apple, etc)

pool service app - Expanded job showing customer info
  • Swipe left to view all your jobs for the day on a map. Optimize the route from your location with a single tap or rearrange the order manually via drag and drop

pool service app - jobs on a map

  • You can now cancel a job or jump directly to home screen via the menu in upper right corner

  • We've added a manual sync button to the app. This is not necessary to use but could be helpful in areas with low signal where you want to force the sync anyway

  • All sync processes now run entirely in the background so you will no longer see loading animations between screens

  • Images upload to cloud much more quickly and with even less signal needed

  • Camera performance has been enhanced (especially on lower end Android devices) and overall app speed has been improved


  • You can now trigger alerts based on service level and/or whether a pool has a salt system

pool company software - Customize alert trigger by service level

  • The "Chemicals Only" checkbox has been removed. You can now track chemical only properties with custom service levels as shown above

  • The "Salt System" checkbox has been removed. This is now tracked as a status in the salt system equipment card for each property. Any property you previously checked the salt system box for will now automatically have the status of the salt system equipment card changed to "Working Salt System" which functions the same way but can now be a custom trigger for alerts as well

pool company software - Salt System equipment card
  • Fixed rare issue where certain clients would not receive job summary emails automatically

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