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September 20, 2021 - Update Released

One time jobs (repair jobs), products/services management, advanced filter clean & salt cell clean scheduling, invoicing improvements + more

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You can now run the repair side of your pool business with all the same benefits Pool Brain brings for the route service side. I know... we're excited too πŸ˜ƒ

Products and Services Management

  • A new section called "Products & Services" has been added to the main menu

    • PRODUCTS = physical items you sell such as filters, pumps, o-rings, etc

    • SERVICES = actions you get paid for such as labor, pool draining, etc

    • BUNDLES = any preset combination of products and services

  • Search and edit items from a single organized list

    pool company software - searching for product and editing that product


  • All items can be added to jobs and invoices (and Quotes coming soon)

  • Products/Services can be viewed and edited on jobs in app

Create and edit one time jobs

  • New "quick add" button allows you to create a one time job, customer or invoice quickly and easily

    pool company software - animation of quick add button options (green plus symbol)

  • Choose a time window for technician to arrive (these can be created in settings and are optional)

pool company software - choosing a time window animation

  • Job duration updates as you add services with saved duration times. (or you can manually set duration)

  • Select how customer is paying so you (and technician) know what is required

    pool company software - how will customer be paying? drop down menu selected

Job Templates
(preset combination of settings on a one time job)

  • Job templates can be created in Settings section

For example, you could create a template called "Low PSI follow up" and add specific checklist items, job instructions, products/services, office notes, etc.

filled out job template in settings

  • Select template on job with a click and everything is filled in automatically

selecting a job template animation


Invoices can be automatically generated from one time jobs

  • When a job status is "Completed", a button appears that says "Close & Invoice". If products and/ or services have been added to the job, clicking this button will automatically create an invoice. (changing a job status to "Closed" will have the same outcome)

    pool company software - close and invoice button being clicked and invoice information appearing
  • The bottom of the invoice will show that it was created from a specific job so there is always an accountability trail. (customers won't see this)

    link showing invoice created from job #47137

  • The invoice can be emailed, edited or have payments applied as usual

Invoices can be manually created, deleted and edited

  • Easily add services, products and bundles with a couple clicks

  • Edit line item description, quantity and price by hovering over and clicking "edit"

    pool company software - invoices


  • Choose whether or not to show individual prices in bundles to customers

    bundle of services/products showing grayed out pricing that customer can't view

  • Choose whether or not to show service date(s) to customers

  • All invoices and changes to invoices will automatically sync to Quickbooks Online (and vice versa!)

Reports now has a job status section

  • Always know what jobs need your attention at a glance

    pool company software - job status categories showing results from previous week


  • Work from an organized list to close out completed jobs or manage "no access" stops

    pool company software - showing list that appears when you click on completed status box


Routing/Scheduling improvements

  • "Routing" section is now called "Scheduling"

  • "Not Routed" section is now called "Unscheduled" and has been moved to the upper right corner. You can view and manage route stops and one time job types from this panel.

  • New filter options allow you to view routes/jobs based on technician, job status, job type or any combination.

  • Progress bars have been added to all route cards that update in real time. Now you can keep track of all route progress at a glance without having to expand anything.

  • Total distance, drive time and job duration has been added to all route cards

  • The date selector has been moved into the top bar in preparation for a future update where you will have the option to select 2 day and 5 day views.

Filter Clean and Salt Cell Clean auto scheduling improvements

  • Templates in settings allow you to pre-save the necessary job details so schedules can be activated in one click

pool company software - Filter clean template options as shown in settings

  • You can activate schedules to create separate filter clean/salt cell clean jobs based on the date it was last cleaned or on specific dates. For example, you could create a filter clean job for a property every 26 weeks (6 months) or on September 1st and February 1st of each year.

pool company software -  filter clean/salt cell clean jobs

  • Filter Clean and Salt Cell Clean jobs are tracked so you can easily view and filter your scheduling based on these job types

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