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Configure Time Windows, Job Templates & Filter/Salt Cell Clean Schedule Templates

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Pool Brain enables several options for setup related to Job Scheduling:

  • Time Windows

  • Job Templates

  • Filter/Salt Cell Clean Templates

Time Windows

Time windows can be selected (optional) on one time jobs so technician knows when to arrive. You can create them with specific time ranges or just a name only. For example, "Go First", "Go Last", etc

  • Click the Add + icon to add a time window

Job Templates

Job templates are collections of preset job info. They can be used to quickly create common job types without having to enter everything each time. Examples: Pool opening/closing, new service startup, complaint follow up, pump priming issue, etc.

  • Click the Add + icon to add a Job Template

  • The Template window opens

For each Job Template, you can enter the following:

  • Template Name
    Click the template name in the middle of the top blue bar to edit this.

    This is what users will see and select when choosing which template to add to a job

  • Title
    Technician can see this in app and users can see this in scheduling section on web for easy reference and in job lists, etc. It's a brief description of the overall job. Example: Tristar Pump Install & Acid Wash

  • Duration
    Technician can see this in app. It's the total estimated job time. This will be the duration set when the template is added to the job but can be updated manually by office user or automatically by system when services are added to the job.

  • Instructions
    Technician can see this in app. Job instructions for technician go here. Sometimes users prefer to have all or some instructions in checklist item/workflow format and that is fine also, but if you want to just type out written instructions, this is the correct field for that.

  • Office Notes
    Only office users on web can see this when viewing the job directly. Technicians can't see this in app.

  • Workflow / Checklist Items
    Add checklist items and set requirements for any item such as whether a tech is required to complete the item (tap the item in the app) and/or take a photo to prove the item was done correctly. You can drag and drop the checklist items to any spot in the workflow so it's presented and done at the correct time during the job.
    โ€‹PLEASE NOTE: The bold system items (backwash, cleaned filter, cleaned salt cell) will always only display in the app if the equipment for the body of water they are working on warrants it. For example, a body of water with a cartridge filter will never display the backwash option since a cartridge filter can't be backwashed. The workflow requirements when completing this items is always controlled at the body of water level for that piece of equipment. You can only determine whether to require the workflow be completed or leave it as optional

  • Products & Services
    Add any products, services or bundles to the job and set appropriate quantities, etc.

  • Discounts
    Add any discounts that should apply to the job

For chemical readings and dosing info, the technician will always be able to select these screens to record the information on a job if they would like. Unlike route stops, this is not part of the forced workflow on one time jobs and is always accessible and optional.
โ€‹For pump priming and recording PSI when job is completed, the screen will always be shown to the technician at the appropriate time (end of job) but they will always have the option to skip this screen with 1 tap unlike route stops where you can control if it's required.

Filter/Salt Cell Clean Templates

These templates are specifically used to create filter clean or salt cell clean jobs automatically when you have the appropriate schedule switch activated for a body of water. They can't be deleted and can't be added to a job from the normal templates drop down list.

  • When a Filter Clean or Salt Cell Clean schedule is toggled on, the info and job creation schedule will automatically be filled in. You can always change this for each individual body of water any way you like. The template is just used as the default settings when you activate the toggle.

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