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January 13, 2020 - Update Released

Equipment tracking, custom backwash process, graphs display more data, misc improvements

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This is a major update that adds pool equipment tracking (among other things) which paves the way for even more intelligent alerts and manager decision making, targeted sales potential, equipment based checklist item scheduling, easy estimate creation and more.


  • Web users and pool technicians now have the ability to log equipment info and pictures directly from the web dashboard and/or the PoolBrain app.

  • Customer and Job pages will now show corresponding icons for equipment type selected

pool company software -equipment tracking
  • Hover cursor over icons to quickly see relevant information such as total run time, last time filter was backwashed or cleaned, last time water level was reported as low, etc

pool company software - equipment hover
  • Click on icons to open the individual equipment cards where you can view or edit all details for that item.

pool company software - equipment cards
  • App will now display a button called "EQUIPMENT" at the top of Work In Progress screen. Once all pool equipment items have been recorded, the equipment button will not display on future visits.

  • App will now display the "Backwashed", "Cleaned Filter" and "Cleaned Salt Cell" buttons in accordance with the equipment that has been logged for that location. For example, if the location has been recorded as having a sand filter and no salt system, only the "Backwashed" button will display and the other two will not.


  • When a backwash capable filter type (D.E. or Sand) is selected in the Filter equipment card, a customizable backwash workflow will now appear 

pool company software - custom backwash
  • When the pool technician taps the "Backwash" button in App, they will be taken through a workflow from left to right as displayed above. Grayed out icons will not be shown to technician and solid blue will be displayed and required

  • You can choose to add instructions at the start or end (or both) of the backwash workflow which will be shown to the technician in the App. Technician will be required to read and acknowledge before proceeding to next step

  • You can choose to require pictures of the actual backwash and also whether to require pictures of the backwash valve in the closed position when completed. (to prevent yard flooding) Simply click icon to activate or deactivate these options

  • Defaults for all properties with backwash capable filters are shown in the image above. By default, no instructions will exist but pictures will be required. You can change this for each property as desired at any time


  • PSI graphs now show red data points whenever the filter for that property was backwashed or cleaned on that visit. As always, you can mouseover the dots for exact details

  • PSI graphs now display question mark icons to indicate when a data point was not able to be recorded due to a missing or broken pressure gauge and shows details on mouseover

pool company software - graphs
  • Salt graphs now show red data points whenever the salt cell was cleaned on that visit


  • Web users and technicians will now have their initials displayed by default if no picture has been uploaded for them

pool company software - tech initials
  • After dismissing an alert, the manager's picture (or initials) and name will appear beside the dismissed alert so that anyone auditing the job in the future can easily see who dismissed it along with any notes

pool company software - alert dismissal
  • When refreshing any screen inside PoolBrain web dashboard, you will never get an "are you sure" prompt. The page will simply refresh

  • You can now Ctrl + Click on a link within PoolBrain web dashboard to open it in a new window or tab

  • You can now use left/right arrow keys to scroll through equipment cards and enlarged pictures in photo galleries (you can still click on the arrows if you prefer... but we'll judge you 😜)

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