If you create a body of water by mistake for a property, you can delete it. However, if any jobs have been completed for that specific body of water, the option to delete is no longer available.

To delete a body of water, click the edit pencil next to the name in the tab for that body of water. Then, click delete button.

How to delete a body of water animation

If you no longer wish to service a body of water on a property that has at least one job created for it, you will see a "Not Serviced" checkbox you can click instead of a delete button.

Body of water Not Serviced animation

The words "not serviced" will now appear above the body of water tab, the tab will be moved to the farthest right position and the body of water will no longer appear in technician app or reports. All of the history and settings for that body of water will be preserved and can be accessed any time.

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