November 2, 2020 - Update Released

Multiple body of water management, technician payroll calculation, send email(s) on alert triggers, edit readings & chemicals added on web

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Create, Customize and Track Multiple Bodies of Water

  • Add bodies of water to a property with a couple clicks right from the main screen

pool company software - Create body of water animation

  • Borders change color to match the active body of water tab so you always know what data you're working with

pool company software - Border color changes when tabs are selected animation
  • Job History shows which bodies of water were serviced and any alerts triggered

pool company software - job history

  • Technician app indicates which properties have multiple bodies of water right on the home screen so they can plan their day accurately

Phone app screenshot showing multiple body of water indicator

Custom "Types" Can Now Be Assigned to Properties

  • You can now create or edit "Types" for each Service Level in Settings section. Types help classify each body of water further and determine technician pay.
    example: Play Pool, Dive Pool, Screened, Oversized, etc

  • You can assign a Service Level & Type to any body of water

Assign a type to body of water animation

Calculate Technician Payroll Automatically

  • Create and configure "Roles" that can be assigned to pool service technicians with a click example: Senior Tech, Junior Tech, Trainee, etc

pool company software - Technician pay settings screenshot
  • Set pay according to service level and type. For example, Complete Care service level on a Play Pool type would be a different pay than Complete Care service level on Dive Pool type.

pool company software - Configure pay by service level and type

  • Pool Service Technician's pay is automatically calculated according to assigned role, date range and your settings

Technician pay report

  • Company level payroll report shows all technician payouts for the period at a glance.

pool company software - Company level technician pay report

  • Excel reports can be generated in one click for highly detailed breakdowns

pool company software - Excel report icon

  • A user permission has been added to determine whether or not a user can see any payroll information

pool company software - user permission to view payroll

Edit Readings and Chemical Values Directly in Web Dashboard

  • Values can now be edited on web simply by clicking into the field and changing it

pool company software - chemical readings

  • Once edited, the field and text will display as red so anyone can see at a glance that the original data has been altered. (customers won't be able to tell it was edited)

  • Hovering the mouse cursor over an edited field will show who changed the data, what they changed it to and when they changed it

pool company software - See edit history when hovering mouse cursor over field
  • A user permission has been added to determine whether or not a user is able to edit values

pool company software - Can edit data on jobs user permission

Send Email When an Alert Triggers

  • Automatically send a notification to one or multiple email addresses when an alert triggers by clicking the appropriate gear icon in Customize Alerts section

pool company software - Email when alert triggers settings icon
  • Easily add or delete email addresses for any alert

pool company software - add and delete emails for alert notifications

Other Improvements

  • Job summary emails (proof of service emails) sent to customers will now only show the readings and chemicals added fields for values that have been entered. If the field was left blank by pool service technician or in web dashboard, it will no longer be shown in customer emails.

  • User role "View Only" has been changed to "Staff" and permission can be configured for this role

  • You can now see which app version a technician is using along with the other app linked device information already shown

App version shows next to linked device information

  • Technician and location job history lists have been optimized and also show more results per page

  • Added "Calcium" and "Water Temp" reading fields to web and app

pool company software - Calcium and Water Temp reading fields
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