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Activate email auto-sending and set "reply to" email address

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Automatically Send

When toggled on (as illustrated in the image above), route stop summary emails will be automatically sent to your customers when a route stop is completed by a technician using the mobile app and server has received all the data and images (usually a few seconds after completion). One time job summary emails can be sent any time with a single click but will not auto-send as they are typically reviewed, closed, invoiced, etc by office staff first.

Reply to

Add an email address to the "Reply to" field (this is typically your main office email and not an individual's email). Any customers that reply directly to any email sent by Pool Brain (quotes, invoices, route stop emails, etc) will have their replies sent to this email address. This is also the email address that shows up as company contact information on quotes and invoices sent to customers. It can be changed at any time.

Send From

By default, emails sent from Pool Brain use as the SEND FROM email address. If you prefer that emails sent from Pool Brain use your domain, you can set that up using these instructions (Setting up your SEND FROM email address).

Go to SETTINGS to update these email settings.

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