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Jan 9, 2023 - Update Released

Customer notes tab, send email from your own domain, auto-send multiple route stop emails on a single property, web activity logs and more

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New customer notes tab

  • A new "notes" tab has been added to customer pages to easily organize customer related information that doesn't apply to other specific notes fields

    Customer notes field displayed with red arrow pointing to the notes tab icon

  • Notes are automatically organized by date and display user name, date and time clearly

    Customer note showing a red box around the user name, date and time displayed at the top

  • Any user can create a note but only the user who created it can edit it
    This preserves the integrity of the information and prevents "he said, she said" situations

  • A new user permission has been added called "Can delete other user notes"
    Users can always delete their own notes but can't delete other user's notes unless they have this permission

    User permission bar that says "can delete other user's customer notes"

Auto-send multiple route stop emails for a single property

  • You can now auto-send route stop emails for a property to more than one email address by entering additional emails into the "Route Stop Email" field

    Customer page showing route stop email field with red arrow pointing to it

  • Be sure to separate each email address with a comma as shown below

Route stop email field with two email addresses in the field separated by a comma

Send emails from your own domain/email address

  • A new field in email settings named "Send From" has been added

  • You can change this to an email from a domain you own (website URL you own) in order to send email from that address instead of

  • To prevent emails from going to spam and to prove you have permission to send from this email, you must add 3 CNAME records (DKIM) to your domain DNS settings
    Instructions will appear below the field. This is not something we are able to do for you and you will need to have access to the registrar where you purchased your domain. Email will continue to be sent from until this is done.

    Send from field with different colored text giving instructions on how to change DNS records

  • To see which CNAME records need to be added and for additional help, click "CLICK HERE" at the bottom of the message

    pop over window titled "DNS Records" showing the details of 3 CNAME records to be added for DKIM

  • Once you have added the 3 CNAME records to your DNS settings (this is not in Pool Brain), click the "Verify DNS Changes" button
    If the records were added correctly, you will see a message that says "VERIFIED" in green text

    Send From field showing blurred out email address and message below that says "VERIFIED - email will be sent from this address"

New activity logs in web dashboard

  • Route schedule activity log
    See all actions/changes made by system or user on route schedules

    Shows new icon in top right corner of route schedule users can click on to open it

    Example of route schedule activity history entries

  • One time job activity log
    See all actions/changes made by system or user on one time jobs

    Job page showing new activity history icon with arrow indicating users can click it to open the activity log

    Job activity history pop over window showing actions taken by a user and mobile device on one time job

  • Invoice activity log
    See all actions/changes made by system or user on invoices

    Invoice with activity log icon and delete invoice icon. Red arrow is pointing to the new activity log icon

  • Indicator displays if Quickbooks Online changes tax amount on an invoice

  • One time move history now shows which user moved the property and when

    animation of mouse cursor hovering over the word "Moved" on a route stop to display user and date information

Invoice and payment sync status indicators

  • Indicator icons have been added to all payment and invoice lists to show if the item is not synced to Quickbooks Online
    This is typically rare but important to know at a glance

    Invoice row showing a small red ! icon on the far right side

  • Users can click the icon to display more info about the syncing issue and access a new troubleshooting help article

New technician permission

  • Technician permission toggle to prevent certain techs from being able to view products / services on a job in the app

    Red arrow pointing to toggle switch next to text that reads "Can view and manage products/services on one time jobs"

New salt reading requirement control

The "Default" service level has been removed

  • The service level named "Default" has been removed in settings. It's only purpose was to control which workflow to use if a route stop was started in the app for a property that did not already have a service level assigned.

    New service levels section in settings without a default tab and a red arrow indicating the new default workflow toggle switch at the bottom

  • There is now a toggle switch on each service level to determine which workflow to use if a route stop is started on a property that doesn't have a service level assigned
    NOTE: This should be a very rare case but you can control it with this new toggle switch

    new toggle switch with text that says "Use workflow on route stops when no service level exists for the property"

  • The service level with this toggle activated will be the workflow that is used
    Only 1 service level can have this toggle active at any given time

    Service level drop down menu without a selection made

Other Improvements

  • Chemicals added screen for one time jobs has been updated to match the most recent improvements for that screen on route stops (including viewing chem/reading history)

  • Max chlorine reading in app raised to 50ppm

  • Camera is now able to be zoomed in on Android devices

  • Job templates no longer have a "tax" setting option and will no longer overwrite the tax setting on a job when applied

  • Character count for quote notes section increased to 10k and vertical spacing format will appear as entered when customers view the notes

  • Customers that have been archived in Pool Brain but left active in QBO will sync updates (if any are made in QBO) without the system making the customer again in PB

  • System checks have been added to prevent a quote being approved more than once if a customer rapidly clicks the "Approve" button or if two people have the quote open simultaneously and both approve it.

  • ACH payments made in Pool Brain now show the last 4 digits of the bank account used on the payment for easy reference

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