August 31st 2023 - New Update Released

Alerts management improvements (view filtering, bulk dismissing, X consecutive visits trigger option), Route stop times graph & more

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We've added some awesome features to improve the quality and amount of alerts received, the ability to view only the alerts you want to handle, and dismiss alerts in bulk if desired.

You can also now view route stop duration times on a graph to easily spot trends for route stops that take too much or too little time and quickly correlate them to a specific technician, time of year, etc.

New graph shows time spent on site each visit for route stops

  • Time on site (route stops) graph now displays alongside the other graphs on customer, property and body of water pages

  • Hover over any data point to see the date and duration of that route stop along with the name of the technician who completed the route stop

Trigger an alert only after conditions are met for X visits in a row

"Chlorine level at zero" is an important alert to receive but not in every situation. If the chlorine is zero on one visit, it may not be an issue as long as the technician added what they needed to. However, if the chlorine is zero 2 or 3 visits in a row, then you definitely want to know about it. You now have the option to trigger an alert only after it has occurred for 2 or more visits in a row (and we think you'll love it).

Example: Only trigger chlorine low alert after it's been low for 2 or more visits in a row

There is now a new "Trigger On" setting in the Customize Alerts section. Click the blue gear icon under the "Trigger On" column for any alert to bring up the window shown below. You can then set the alert to only trigger after 2 visits or any other number.

Pool Company Software - Alerts, trigger after X visits in a row - Pool Brain

View alerts by category or specific combination of filters|

  • 3 category boxes now appear at the top of the Alerts page.
    Alerts, Issue Reports and Not Completed items.

  • Click any category box to remove those items from the view below

  • Click "Filter" menu to select any specific combination of issue reports or alerts you want to view. You can also limit what is viewed by technician.

Bulk dismiss all alerts being viewed

  • A "DISMISS ALL" option now appears in the top right corner of the alerts page

  • Clicking "DISMISS ALL" will allow you to bulk dismiss all alerts/issue reports/not completed items that are currently being viewed in the area below based on the filters you have selected. You can only use this feature if your user account has the permission "Can bulk dismiss alerts" activated.

  • Users will be required to enter a note on why they are bulk dismissing the alerts and confirm they want to take that action

  • Details on which user bulk dismissed the alerts (and when) will be displayed on the alert as usual along with the reason given

New User Permissions Added

  • "Can Dismiss Alerts" permission has been added.
    If a user does NOT have this permission, they can't dismiss alerts. This used to be controlled by user "Role" but now it is controlled solely by this permission on any user role.

  • "Can Bulk Dismiss Alerts" permission has been added.
    If a user does NOT have this permission, they can't dismiss alerts in bulk by using the new "DISMISS ALL" feature on the alerts page. This would force users to investigate each alert and dismiss them individually as most companies intend. (if they have "Can Dismiss Alerts" permission activated)

  • The "DISMISS" and "DISMISS ALL" options will still display whether the user has the permission or not, but they will be disabled or active according to these settings.

Scheduling "Move Window" Improvements

  • The speed at which route names load in the move window has been greatly increased

  • If you have selected filters in scheduling to only show certain technician's routes before clicking "move", the move window will only display those routes

  • The technician name is now displayed below the route name in the move window

  • Technician pictures (if you uploaded them) will appear alongside the route name in the move window

  • Search bar at top of route move window now filters the route list below by route name or technician name

Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

  • App battery life usage has been further optimized

  • When a credit card or ACH transaction declines, the specific reason is now displayed if it was returned to us by the payments API

  • Increased the max character count for body of water names to 50 characters

  • If a flat rate invoice was auto-created for a time period where no route stops were completed, the date range no longer includes the text "no route stops completed in date range". This was designed for per visit invoices and the logic remains the same for those.

  • Routes for each day now exist by default when new companies are created

  • 25+ help articles added/updated

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