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Change GPS Coordinates / Map Marker Position
Change GPS Coordinates / Map Marker Position

You can manually correct the map position of addresses as needed

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In very rare cases, Google's routing API may not show the correct map position for a property in Pool Brain or not draw the route at all due to this same issue. You can correct it by manually entering the proper coordinates.

1 minute tutorial video

Step 1

Find the correct address coordinates by going to and placing a pin on the location the property should appear (click on map to place pin)

pool company software - Google Maps pin showing coordinates

Step 2

Enter the new coordinates in Pool Brain.
Customer Page ---> Locations Tab ---> Edit Pencil Below Address ---> Map Marker Icon

IMPORTANT: do NOT click the "save" button or the coordinates will reset. Only click the checkmark icon when done entering coordinates.

pool company software - How to change coordinates animation

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