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April 24, 2022 - Update Released

Multi day map views & scheduling improvements, new quotes settings options and technician time report

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Multi day map views have arrived

  • You can now select 1 day, 2 day or week views to work with when Scheduling jobs and routes.

    pool company software - scheduling section showing 1 day 2 day and week views

  • Dragging and dropping easily between routes on different days is now possible

  • Viewing your entire week's worth of routes on a map is now possible
    pro tip: an ultrawide monitor will allow you to view 5 days of routes + map without scrolling

More scheduling improvements

  • The date selector no longer changes width when cycling through different days/dates

  • The "quick add" button has been added to the top of Scheduling page so you can easily create jobs/quotes/invoices/customers without having to leave the section

    Red arrow pointing to quick add button in scheduling section

  • When a property address that Google thinks is invalid is scheduled to a route, an indicator will now display on the route and the property with the issue will highlight in red. This makes it easier to detect and fix potential mapping issues due to invalid addresses.

    Triangle indicator and red highlighted property on expanded route

  • Hiding/Unhiding routes has been improved to work better and also now more clearly indicates which routes are hidden.

    Red text showing "HIDDEN ON MAP" and eyeball icon with red line through it

  • Scheduling section when viewed on a mobile device has been fully optimized. Scheduling in the field from web dashboard on mobile is now a great experience that mirrors the desktop experience minus the multi day views.

  • You can now edit the color hex value on a route directly so it is easier to copy and paste to match route colors exactly.

    red arrow pointing to color value field

New Quotes settings options

pool company software - New settings section showing options for quotes
  • You can require office users to enter notes when changing a quote status (Approved, Denied, Open, Closed). Typically this would be where they would explain why they are changing the status and who authorized it, etc.

  • You can choose whether or not to be notified by email when a customer approves or denies a quote. You can choose which email to be notified at when either occurs and even add multiple email addresses for notification if you like.

  • You can set default notes to appear at the bottom of every quote created. You can still edit these notes on any individual quote at any time.

Other improvements

  • All exported excel reports are now emailed as a download link instead of downloaded immediately. This solves the issues of some very large reports timing out and also allows you to keep working while the report generates.

  • A "Time Report" has been added for technicians. You can run the report for any selected date range for pool service technicians at a company level or for a single tech. The report will show the amount of days the tech worked in the period, the total hours worked (calculated from time they started first job of day to time they ended last job of day) and the hours worked for each day/date.

    pool company software - red arrow pointing to new Time Report link
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