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Aug 8, 2022 - Update Released

Customer auto assigned statuses, delete/archive customers, new report/search options, payments report section at company level + more

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Customers can now be deleted and archived

  • If a customer does NOT have any existing jobs, invoices or payments, then the customer can be deleted. (a trash can icon will appear at top of customer page when you hover over customer name)

    Red arrow pointing to trash can icon

  • If a customer DOES have existing jobs, invoices or payments, then the customer will be archived instead of deleted when you click the trash can icon. (this will hide it from all lists and reports as if it were deleted but the process is reversible)

  • To view a list of archived customers, you can select the appropriate checkbox that now displays on the Customers page.

    Text next to checkbox that says "show archived customers"

New statuses are automatically assigned to every customer

  • ACTIVE (routed) status displays if a customer has any active route schedule.

    Active (routed) status indicator

  • ACTIVE (no route) status displays if a customer doesn't have an active route schedule but has a job, invoice or payment within the last 30 days.

    Active (no route) status indicator
  • INACTIVE status displays if a customer has previous job, invoice or payment history that is older than 30 days and no currently active route.

    Inactive status indicator

  • LEAD status displays if a customer has no active route schedule and no job, invoice or payment history.

    Lead status indicator

  • ARCHIVED status displays if a customer has been archived

    Archived status indicator

New search, filtering and report options in Customers section

  • You can now search customers by email and phone number

  • The number of customers categorized by status now display at the top of the Customers page. You can click any status to hide it from the list below similar to how category boxes work throughout Pool Brain.

    All customer status boxes showing various numbers
  • You can run an excel report by clicking the icon to the right of the status boxes. The report will show all customers/properties for whichever statuses are not hidden when you run it and includes detailed customer location and contact info, route schedule and route billing info, whether the customer has dogs, how many bodies of water, etc.

Company level payments section

  • A new company level payments section now exists on the Reports page.

    4 category boxes showing available payments statuses of unapplied, partial, applied and refunds
  • Click on any status box to access a full list of all payments that exist with that status and date range for your entire company. Date range is customizable.

Other improvements

  • One time job dates displayed in job history lists now show the date the job is/was scheduled for and not the job creation date. If the job is not currently scheduled for any date, then the job creation date is used or whichever date was manually edited by the user. There is no change to how route stop dates are displayed.

  • You can now hide all future dates in job history lists with a single click on the text shown below. This is useful if you only want to see historical information and not upcoming scheduled job information.

    red arrow pointing to text that says "hide future dates"
  • When closing a one time job that has already been closed and then re-opened by office staff, the system will now check to see if an invoices was already created automatically and ask the user if they would like to create another invoice or not. (prevents misunderstandings and duplicate invoices)

  • Invoices now correctly show "past due" the day after the due date and not the day of the due date in all cases

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