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Oct 30, 2022 - Update Released

View chem reading/dosing history on graph in app, automatic swim wait message, 5 new reports, workflow changes for chems and new readings

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Major updates to "add chemicals" process in app

  • "Add Chemicals" workflow is now an item on the work in progress screen instead of being forced immediately after readings screen

    pool service app - add chems workflow - pool brain

  • Techs can view the new chem reading/dosing history graph from the improved Add Chemicals screen - view readings, chems added and dates for any time period up to a year quickly and easily by just dragging your finger across the graph

    pool service software - chemical readings graph - pool brain

  • Gallons calculator now displays directly on Add Chemicals screen if gallonage hasn't been entered for that body of water yet

    pool service app - gallons calculator - pool brain

  • Auto-dosing recommendations are now provided immediately after calculating a new gallonage

  • A "CONFIRM" button has been added for techs to confirm they've either added chems or won't be adding chems - This can be done at any time before moving past the work in progress screen but must be completed before moving on

    pool service app - chems added confirmation - pool brain

  • Route stop activity list now shows the exact time the tech "confirmed" chemicals were added or not added in app

    pool company software - chems added confirmation history - pool brain

New swim wait message included automatically in customer email

  • In settings, set a custom swim wait message to say whatever you'd like

pool company software - custom swim wait message - pool brain
  • Choose which chemicals will trigger this message to be included automatically in route stop email to customer

    pool company software - swim wait chem trigger - pool brain

  • If any of the swim wait chems are used on a route stop, customer will see your message at the top of their email - the message will not be doubled if more than one swim wait chemical is used

    pool company software - swim wait message in email - pool brain

Improvements to chemical readings and settings

  • Added 2 new chemical readings (bromine and borates)

  • Added the ability to turn off readings you don't use so they won't display in the app

    pool company software - hide readings not used - pool brain

  • Changed the location of chemical reading requirement/frequency settings and made them easier to use - now accessed directly in service level settings by clicking "chemical readings" blue text in the workflow for that service level

    pool company software - chem reading requirement frequency - pool brain

5 new reports have been added

  • Jobs report
    Updated job statuses page to include a search bar, ability to view all statuses at once and an exportable excel report

    pool company software - job status report - pool brain

  • Invoice summary report
    Accessed from the Invoice Statuses page (excel icon)

  • Invoice line item report
    Accessed from the Invoice Statuses page (excel icon)

  • Simplified chemical cost/spend report
    Accessed by clicking excel icon in the top right chemicals section of Reports page

  • Payments report
    Accessed from Payments Statuses page (excel icon)

Miscellaneous other improvements & fixes

  • New permission setting allows you to show or hide customer phone numbers in the app for any specific technician

    pool company software - tech permission setting - hide phone numbers - pool brain

  • Optimized products & services page for much faster loading speeds with large amounts of categories

  • Property level taxes have been added - you can select any tax rate for a specific property so that all invoices generated for that property have that tax rate by default

  • Increased maximum chlorine reading entry to 20 ppm

  • We fixed an issue where in very rare cases, route stop statuses could display on web incorrectly

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