Setting up your technicians to use Pool Brain is a simple process

STEP 1 - Add Technician in Pool Brain web dashboard

STEP 2 - Download Pool Brain phone app

STEP 3 - Open app and enter technician's phone #

That's it. App is now linked to the technician's profile and they won't ever need any login information to use it.

Here is a detailed walkthrough:

  • Click "Technicians" from left hand menu on main Pool Brain screen, then click "Add Technician" in upper right corner of the technicians section

  • Enter the name, phone number and email for the tech. You can also add a picture if you'd like.

  • Clicking "Edit", will allow you to change the information and also see whether or not an app has been linked to this technician

  • Have the technician download Pool Brain app from either the Apple or Android app stores, open the app and enter their phone # when prompted (they will only need to do this once)

  • The phone number they need to enter is the same phone number in their technician information as shown:

showing technician phone number field

  • After entering the phone number in the app, it will automatically link

Showing app is linked

Because of this MEID link, your tech will never have to worry about a username or password.

On first use, app will automatically sync your customer data and settings which could take up to 5 minutes depending on database size and only needs to happen once.

Jobs will appear in app once they have been added in the web dashboard, but the tech can start using Pool Brain immediately. They can tap the search bar at bottom of screen which will pull up the address they are standing at automatically or allow them to search for it manually.

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