November 10, 2021 - Update Released

Create and manage quotes (estimates), Customers can approve or deny with a click, When quote is approved, it automatically turns into a job

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  • Create a quote using the quick add button at top of dashboard

    Quick add button showing quote selected

  • Easily add services, products and/or bundles to a quote

  • Duplicate a quote with one click

    red arrow pointing to duplicate quote icon

  • You can add an optional title to the quote that will appear in quick lists and become the job title when quote is approved

    red arrow pointing to title on quote

  • Body of water can be selected on a quote for extremely accurate tracking

    red arrow pointing to body of water menu

  • Labels can be added to each line item to clearly show customers which items are important and which are simply recommended

  • Email quote with a click and see when customer has viewed it similar to invoices

    showing quote has been sent and customer viewed it multiple times

  • Customers can approve or deny it with a click

    Approve and Deny buttons

  • When a quote is approved by you or the customer, it turns into a job automatically just like jobs turn into invoices automatically when they are closed.

    animation showing a quote being approved and becoming a job automatically

  • Manage quotes for any customer or property in the new "QUOTES" sections

    Quotes history section

  • View statuses of all quotes on a company level in the reports section. Click a category to view the full list.

    Quotes statuses as displayed in reports section

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