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June 4, 2022 - Update Released

Products/Services now have categories and sync 2 ways, QBO income/expense account changes, addresses now auto-fill, other improvements

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Products and Services Now Have Categories

  • "Add New +" button now has a menu that includes Category as an option

    Expanded menu with red arrow pointing to "Category" option

  • Create a new category or subcategory in Products

    Animation showing how to create a new category and make it a subcategory

  • Create up to 3 levels of subcategories

    Parent category and 3 levels of subcategories are displayed

  • Assign products, services or bundles to any category or subcategory

    animation showing how to assign a product to a category

  • If an item doesn't have a category selected, it will be placed in "Uncategorized" category by default

Other Products and Services Changes

  • Chemicals in Settings are now linked to an actual product in products/services section

    Screenshot showing example of calhypo shock product being linked to calhypo shock chemical in settings

  • You can change the default product linked to any chemical

    animation showing how to link a different product to a chemical in settings

  • Automatically created route stop invoices will now show each chemical product line item instead of combining all chems into a single line item
    Description and quantity will reflect the usage unit and amount

  • Service levels now have an option to select which QBO income account they are associated with when they're added to automatically created invoices as line items

    Edit service level window with red arrow pointing to new QBO Income Account drop down field

Quickbooks Online Sync Changes

  • Products and Services now sync both ways if you activate the toggle in settings

    All products/services in QBO will import from QBO into PB and vice versa. Any change made in either location will update in the other location

    Red arrow pointing to toggle switch to sync products and services with QBO

  • QBO will now use the income and/or expense account assigned to the product/service in QBO instead of using one account for everything

    Red arrow pointing to income account selected for a product in QBO

  • Products/services in PB now show which income or expense account is assigned in QBO for quick reference

    Product in PB displayed with red arrow pointing to income account selected in QBO

Creating New Customers/Addresses is Faster and Easier

  • When creating a new customer or new address for an existing customer, the address will now auto-fill from a Google pick list as you type the address to make it easier and reduce mistakes

    animation showing how addresses autofill when entered

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Scroll bar at bottom of Scheduling page in "week" view is now twice as thick to activate more easily in order to view the map

  • When using the "Take Payment" button on an invoice as an office user, you can now edit the amount before processing the payment

  • Character limits on various fields including office notes, instructions and checklist items have been greatly increased

  • On one time jobs, system items (backwash, cleaned filter, cleaned salt cell) now get automatically removed from workflows based on selected equipment the same way they do on route stops

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