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January 14 2024 - New Update Released
January 14 2024 - New Update Released

Bulk actions on invoices, direct customer import tool, PB logo removed from emails, precise control of QBO customer linking & more

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Take actions on invoices in bulk

  • When viewing invoices at company level, you can now select some or all invoices to bring up a new "Actions" menu

    selecting multiple invoices by clicking on a checkbox to bring up an actions menu

  • SEND (email)
    Email groups of selected invoices on demand


    Print groups of selected invoices on demand


    Mark groups of selected invoices as "sent" on demand (they will no longer appear in the "unsent" category


    Mark groups of selected invoices as "unsent" on demand (they will appear in the "unsent" category)


    Add service or product line items to groups of selected invoices on demand


    Delete groups of selected invoices on demand (user must have permission to delete invoices in order to use this feature)

More billing improvements

  • Edit due date on any invoice

    You can now edit the due date on an invoice in Pool Brain after it has been created

    Edit pool service company invoice due date

  • Choose whether to charge for "no access" route stops when billing per visit in arrears

    Disabling this toggle means that if a technician can't access the property during a route stop, the customer won't be charged for that visit

    red arrow pointing to new toggle setting to choose if customer will be charged for pool service if the technician can't access the property

  • Toggling billing on/off in settings will now generate or delete all upcoming invoices for all active route schedules (you will be prompted to confirm when changing this setting)

  • PAID invoices no longer appear in "unsent" category (even if they haven't been sent)

Import customer info directly from an excel doc

  • An "Import Customers" button now exists on the Customers page

    red arrow pointing to a button named "import customers" in a pool company software platform

  • An import window will appear that guides you through the process step by step

customer import tool showing pool service company customers being imported into the software

  • Matches fields for customer name, address, email, phone number, gate code, access notes and dog info

Direct control on Pool Brain & Quickbooks Online Linking

  • You can now manually choose which customer profile in Pool Brain should be linked with which customer in Quickbooks Online (very useful if the QBO IDs become unlinked for any reason due to a customer merge, deletion or other action)

  • In the customer level QBO sync activity window, there is now a link icon you can click to access this new feature

    animation demonstrating how to manually link a customer in Pool Brain (a pool company software platform) to any customer in Quickbooks Online


Other Improvements

  • The "Powered by Pool Brain" logo has been removed from the bottom of all emails

  • The Scheduling map has been optimized to load about 30% faster in all cases

    I am speed GIF

  • Additional web pages have been mobile optimized

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