You can use the "Optimize Route" button to automatically rearrange the stops on a route to be in the best driving order according to Google's API. This can be done on the web or in the app with one click.

IMPORTANT: 3 or more properties must exist on the route in order for the "Optimize Route" button to display

Optimizing routes on the web

Go to scheduling section and view any route with 3 or more properties. Make sure you click on the route name to expand it so you can see all the properties. You will see an "Optimize Route" button in the top left corner.

Red arrow pointing to

The property in the #1 position will be considered the starting location. You can drag and drop a different property into the #1 position (use drag handles on the left side). When "Optimize Route" button is clicked, Google will determine the best driving order for the rest of the properties on the route.

Red arrow pointing to the #1 indicator for a routed property

To optimize the route from a different location such as your office or a technician's home, add a custom start location to the route by clicking on "Start Location". The system will then optimize the route from that location instead of the #1 positioned property.

Red arrow pointing to green text that says

Optimizing routes on the app

Rearranging the order of route stops / jobs in app is only possible if the route is not "locked" on the web dashboard. If the lock icon on the route is red/closed, then the technician will be prevented from changing the order in the app.

Red arrow pointing to a closed/red lock icon on route in web dashboard

Access the scheduling map by swiping left on the home screen or by tapping the menu icon in the top right corner and selecting "Route Map".

Tap anywhere in the bottom section to view more of the route list for the day.

Route map displayed in the phone app

To optimize the route, tap the "Optimize Route" button. The current position of the jobs/route stops does not matter. It will always optimize the route based on your current gps location when optimizing in the app.

(if you do not see this option, check if the route is set to "locked" in web dashboard)

Red arrow pointing to Optimize Route button in phone app

To manually rearrange the order of the route stops / jobs in app, simply long press on any of them and then drag them to the desired position.
(if this doesn't work, check if the route is set to "locked" in web dashboard)

Expanded route with map in background and red arrow indicating a route stop
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