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Updates and Announcements
Updates and Announcements

Details about new features and updates for PoolBrain

June 29 2024 - New Update ReleasedCustomer notes & photo captions in app show in customer email, Job reschedule & duplicate buttons, Pay bonus for covering route stops + more
May 13 2024 - New Update ReleasedSend text message from app letting customer know you're on the way, new upcoming invoice options & more.
April 28 2024 - New Update ReleasedMass emails, email send history, customer tagging system, customizable email templates & more
March 25th 2024 - New Update ReleasedUpdate billing default settings/prices in bulk for all customers/properties & more QBO controls/visibility
March 11th 2024 - New Update ReleasedOpen API (build your own integrations), new quoting features, attach photos & PDFs to products/services, salt system app indicators & more
February 12th 2024 - New Update ReleasedOrenda dosing calculator integration with LSI, auto-dose even more chems, control dose targets / default dose chem & more
January 14 2024 - New Update ReleasedBulk actions on invoices, direct customer import tool, PB logo removed from emails, precise control of QBO customer linking & more